Now operating out of Harrow Performance, 171 Hutcheson Beach Road, Unit 3, Huntsville.    Rehabilitation appointments and conditioning sessions available on Saturdays. Covid-19 protocols are in place.

Paws in Motion Canine Rehabilitation offers assessment and rehabilitation services for dogs following illness or injury. If your dog is a family pet or canine athlete I can help with decreasing pain and inflammation, improving range of motion, strength, and balance and preparing your dog for return to activity. Essentially, whatever you would go and see a physiotherapist for, I can do the same for your dog.  Wherever possible, I will work closely with your veterinarian to ensure continuity of care for your dog.

Rehabilitation can help the following conditions:

  • Soft tissue injuries, such as muscle and ligament strains and tears.
  • Joint injuries, including dysplasia, arthritis, and developmental problems.
  • Bone injuries, including after fractures or surgeries.
  • Spinal Injuries, including disc herniations and degenerative changes.
  • Neurological problems, including balance disorders.
  • Before and after surgical procedures, including fracture fixation, CCL repair, and other bone or joint surgeries.
  • Age related conditions, including arthritis, weakness and changes in balance.


Rehabilitation can help in the following ways:

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation.
  • Improving joint range of motion.
  • Improving muscle strength.
  • Improving gait pattern.
  • Improving balance reactions.
  • Improving fitness and endurance.
  • Helping to prepare your dog for return to activity.


Why you should see a Registered Physiotherapist for your dog’s rehabilitation:

  • Canine rehabilitation is an unregulated profession, it can be done by anyone, even someone who has had no training at all.
  • A Registered Physiotherapist has had years of training and extensive experience assessing and treating people. They have then gone on to do further, canine specific, training to ensure that they are properly qualified to work with you and your dog.
  • A Registered Physiotherapist will work with your veterinarian to ensure the best care is being provided for your dog’s condition.